Heed help in implementing Mouse Button events in New PDFNet SDK Version

Hello, I have a requirement where I need to implement different Mouse events like Mouse Click, Mouse double Click, Mouse over, Mouse Up, Mouse down etc.,
These functionalities was implement in the project using an old version of PDFNet SDK. But I am unable to implement the same using latest version of PDFNet SDK. Its more like the mouse events of Windows Forms are being implemented rather than the PDFNet’s mouse events
Can I have a solution for this.?

You need to subclass the PDFViewCtrl class, add your own overrides.

protected override void OnMouseDown(MouseEventArgs e)

// some code
base.OnMouseDown(e); // optionally pass event to PDFViewCtrl
// more code



Hello Ryan,
I tired doing it. I have a situation here
I have one class say class A derived from another class B. In class A, I am creating an object of MyPDFView class, which inherits the PDFViewCtrl class, in class A. I have all the mouse events of the PDFViewCtrl coded in class A. This was working fine in PDFNet Version4.0.7.0

But Now i need to update my PDFViewctrl dll to the latest version. So I downloaded Version The above said mouse events ain’t working with this new version.

Below is an extract of the problem
public class A : class B
MyPDFView _pdfview= new MyPDFView();

_pdfview.MouseMove += _pdfview_MouseMove;
_pdfview.MouseDown += _pdfview_MouseDown;
_pdfview.MouseUp += _pdfview_MouseUp;
_pdfview.MouseDoubleClick += _pdfview_MouseDoubleClick;

private void _pdfview_MouseMove(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
and so on for other mouse events.
In old version
public class MyPDFView: PDFView

in new new version
public class MyPDFView: PDFViewCtrl


Please take a look at the PDFViewTest sample, in particular the OnMouseDown override in MyPDFView.cs file. This is working fine.