Highlight Some Specific Pages


I am displaying several documents in MultiTab using WebViewer. Some pages are important to me, and I know the page numbers of these pages. I want to highlight these pages in the thumbnail in some way, such as making the border red, writing ‘used’ on it, or showing it in a blurry way. Can you help me with how to do this?

Hello onur.ozcan,

Thanks for reaching out!

Are you trying to put these indicators on the pages or the thumbnails? The thumbnails are basically a smaller version of the page’s render, so anything added to the page will be reflected in the thumbnail.

Currently we have no clean way of modifying these, If you want to just adjust the border or the thumbnail in the UI, there are a couple options:

  1. Grab the thumbnails programmatically through query selectors/element ID’s
  2. Create a custom panel that uses the thumbnail generation, then customize how they are displayed
  3. Fork our UI and customize how the thumbnails are highlighted with your custom logic Advanced-customization | Apryse Documentation

Let me know if this works for you

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