How can I always get the list of annotations until the pdf viewer is destroyed?

WebViewer Version: 10.2.3

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I initialize the pdf viewer. After that I add for example one annotation. I call the exportAnnotationCommand inside annotationManager to get the list of annotations. Inside the response from exportAnnotationCommand method I get add, modify and delete xml nodes. So when I add for example square annotation I get it inside the add xml node. The problem is that when this function is called second time after I added the annotation I get nothing in the response from exportAnnotationCommand. It seems that the previos state of the annotations was deleted internally from the viewer after I called this function. I can’t find some method in the API where I will get the list of all CHANGED annotation while the pdf viewer was active. So when I call the method second or third time to get still the temporary added annotation on the pdf viewer until I save him to my DB.

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