How can I call SetPreRenderLevel

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Need to call SetPreRenderLevel - cannot get access to CoreControls statically

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I have my own JS file in which we setup WebViewer using standard practice like so:
component.viewer = WebViewer({
path: ‘pdftron/lib’,
initialDoc: file,
filename: “test.pdf”,
fullAPI: true,
}, document.getElementById(‘viewer’))
.then(instance => {
const { docViewer, PDFNet } = instance;
instanceRef = instance;

I need to know which page is currently visible to the user so i am using docViewer.on(‘pageComplete’,(pageIndex,canvas) => {
this is called when a page is loaded which i can work with if I shut down preloading. I need to know how i can get access to Core in javascript to SetPreRenderLevel to 0.

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Hello anandchavan,

In version 7.3 you can access the SetPreRenderLevel via:


Best Regards,
Tyler Gordon
Web Development Support Engineer
PDFTron Systems, Inc.