How can I convert all PDF text into Unicode?

Q: Is there a way using the library, to allow for us to convert all
text that
is in a PDF into their Unicode mapped equivalents?
A: There are many ways you could implement this functionality using
PDFNet, but probably the simplest approach is using

C#/Java pseudocode would look as follows:

PDFDoc doc = new PDFDoc(input_path + "newsletter.pdf");

TextExtractor txt = new TextExtractor();
for (PageIterator itr=doc.GetPageIterator(); itr.HasNext();
itr.Next()) {
  Page page = itr.Current();
  txt.Begin(page); // Read the page.

  String page_text = txt.GetAsText()
  Console.WriteLine("\n\n- GetAsText --------------------------\n{0}",

For a concrete sample code, please take a look at TextExtract sample