How can I develop a cross-platfrom PDF viewer in C/C++?

Q: Do you have a C/C++ Viewer for Macintosh that is comparable to your
Windows project? I was able to compile and walk through it without
any problems whatsoever. The only viewer I see for Mac is JAVA-based.
A: PDFView class is available on all platforms. The main reason why
PDFView C++ sample (
samplecode.html#PDFView) is not included on Mac platform is that it
uses MFC (which is available only on Windows platforms).

So, the issue is more related to development of cross-platform GUIs in
C++, than to PDFNet. Since JAVA GUI is standardized we have included
PDFView sample for JAVA on all supported platforms. In an upcoming
version of PDFNet we are planning to include a sample based on
wxWidgets ( or QT in order to demonstrate
how to develop a cross-platform PDF viewer in C++.