How can I get accurate text output from PDF to SVG converter?

Q: I'd like to tell you first that we like your product quite a lot -
for the most part it's extremely robust and reliable.

In a recent test we found that the headlines in the attached file
(pages 2&3) did not convert properly - some lowercase letters were
capitalized ("StrEamLiNE yOur pLaN."). I'd like to check if that is
that an issue with the demo version we're testing with or a bug in the

A: The problem is in the actual PDF. Essentially character glyphs do
not correspond to actual Unicode characters. You can obtain a more
accurate SVG output (but less accurate text mapping) with –nounicode

To get the most accurate SVG representation that works across many
viewers you could use:
   --nounicode --individual_char_placement

in PDF2SVG CLI ( or analogous options
in PDFNet SDK (;