How can I get and set the Highlight Style for link annotation?


In PDF Specification there is an option Highlight Style (None or
Invert or Outset or Outline) for link. How can i get and set the
Highlight Style for link using PDFTron?

The 'Highlight Style' property is not available in the high-level
'PDF.Annot' class however just like with any other high-level class in
PDFNet it very simple to extract any required property. For example,
you can obtain Highlight Style as follows:

Annot annot = ...
Obj highlight = annot.GetSDFObj().FindObj("H");
if (highlight != null && highlight.IsName()) {
   string st = highlight.GetName();
   if (st == "N") { // No highlighting.
   else if (st == "I") { // Invert
   else if (st == "O") { // Outline
   else if (st == "P") { // Push

Setting the highlight mode is as simple as the following:
  annot.GetSDFObj().Put("H", Obj.CreateName("I"));