How can i get .net color form colorpt?

Im using your new PDFNet SDK (5.0.01).

I need some help.

First. when i get a color from ColorPt of element.GetFillcolor() , it
little diffent from original color.

ColorPt cpt = gstate.GetFillColor();
ColorPt cptRGB = new ColorPt();
gstate.GetFillColorSpace().Convert2RGB(cpt, cptRGB);
Color c = Color.FromArgb((int)cptRGB.Get(0) * 255, (int)cptRGB.Get(1)
* 255, (int)cptRGB.Get(2) * 255);
If the color of gstate.GetFillcolor() is 'Pink' , i got 'Red' RGB

Second, when i use your doc.InitStdSecurityHandler() , userpassword
and masterpassword are same.
Even if userpassword different from masterpassword,
pdftron.SDF.StdSecurityHandler return same value, same length.
I can't understand..
plz. let me know what am i wrong.

I believe the issue is in the line
Color.FromArgb((int)cptRGB.Get(0) * 255, (int)cptRGB.Get(1)
* 255, (int)cptRGB.Get(2) * 255);

The cast to int is done before the multiplication by 255 so if the
color component value returned by Get is less than 1.0 your final
output will be zero.

It should be written Color.FromArgb((int)(cptRGB.Get(0) * 255), (int)
(cptRGB.Get(1) * 255), (int)(cptRGB.Get(2) * 255));

Regarding passwords, you should only use to the 'current' password
(the password that was passed in InitStdSecurityHandler("pass")). You
can determine which password is available using
returns true, the user supplied data is permission/owner password
(i.e. the user has full access to the document). Otherwise you have
open/user password.