How can I implement interactive copy & paste?

Q: I am using your PDFNetC SDK for Java, and I have a question
regarding PDFView sample project.

When I was testing it, I realized it has no way to copy/paste from a
PDF document. I can select paragraphs/works, but the sample code does
not copy text selection. Why is that? Is it possible to do it with
your product?

Another thing: -Is it possible to use your product to generate real
time PDF reports using your product in an Apache Web Server?

A: You can get the currently selected text selection using
PDFView.getSelection() (

To copy the currently selected text as Unicode string use
selection.getAsUnicode(). Similarly you can copy currently text as
HTML formatted string using selection.getAsHtml().

So the only missing peace is to add a menu item and to copy the
currently selected text (PDFView.getSelection().getAsUnicode()) to the

Regarding PDF generation, you can also use PDFNet to gynamically
generate PDF files from scratch (from Apache Web Server or any other
web server). As a starting point you may want to take a look at
ElementBuilder sample project (