How can I programatically set/get the current page number in the PDF viewer?

Q: Can I use PDFNet to implement the following requirements?:

(1) Our application can open the .pdf file the user selects
from our app, and then automatically jump to the preselected page (say
page #10).

(2) Users can use our app to save the page numbers they select this
time so that they can use next time, say page 12. (As a result, our
app should be able to know the current page number from the PDF

We would prefer to use Adobe Reader to open .pdf files.
A: You can use PDFNet SDK ( to open and
view and PDF document as well as to get and set the currnet page

As a starting point you may want to take a look at PDFView
( and PDFViewSimple
( sample projects.

To set the current page number you can use pdfview.SetCurrentPage(10).
To get the page number for the currently visible page use

Please note that PDFTron controls are independent from Acrobat or any
third party component (that may not be available on the user system).
Please note that accessing Acrobat from commerical third-party
applications is against the license agreement (please refer to Acrobat
license agreement for more information).