How can i read esignatures from signed PDF file using API/JAVA?

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Thank you for contacting us about this. If you are referring to Digital Signatures, it is possible to read and verify signatures using our API described in the sample below:

If this is not what you are looking for, can you please provide us with additional information as to what you are looking for? If you can provide an input file and expected output, that would be most helpful.

Thank you.

Thanks Shakthi!

In my case documents signature itself may be typed, drawn, or uploaded. I have to read the signature information from signed PDF and match it with other documents signature. I am looking for JAVA or API to send Document-Content as Input and get all the signature information from a signed document. Hope this helps.

Thank you for the clarification. In that case, it looks like you are looking to export the singature image from the PDF. Please see the post here for more information on how to do that: