How can I use PDFNet into my web application (C# ASP.NET)?

Q: How can I use your PDFNet.dll (PDFNet SDK) into my web application
A: PDFNet SDK for .NET ( is a regular .NET
component so it can be used within ASP.NET applications. To integrate
PDFNet, simply add a reference to 'PDFNet.DLL' to your application
solution and follow the code (e.g. copy & paste) from one of the
samples included as part of the SDK (
samplecode.html). As a starting point for any PDFNet project call
PDFNet.Initialize() followed by PDFNet.SetResourcePath() [for more
info, see].

After initializing PDFNet (e.g. in your Main, or OnStartup, or
similar) you are ready to use other APIs. For example, if you would
need to convert PDF to image the best place to look is PDFDraw sample
(, if you need to
work with forms the best starting point is InteractiveForms sample
(, etc.

Besides .NET (and ASP.NET), PDFNet is also available as a C/C++ or
JAVA component on various platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris
intl, mobile/embedded devices, etc).