How can I verify PDFNet registered my license successfully?

We have added to code to register the license in production, Is there any way we can verify the registration of the license is successful or not?

There are a couple ways to verify this:

  1. If you pass in a non-null license key to PDFNet.Initialize and it doesn’t throw an exception then the license was valid. Note that you will want to ensure this is the first (or only) call to PDFNet.Initialize().

  2. If PDFNet is running in Demo mode and you have a console you should see the message “PDFNet is running in demo mode” at the start of execution. If no console is available this message can be redirected to a file using >. (i.e. myprogram.exe > log.txt) Checking this message can allow you to compare the behaviour of PDFNet.Initialize with no license and with a license and ensure they are different. Note that this behaviour is only available in PDFNet version 6.0 or later.