How do I access PDF form fields after interactive form fill-in?

Q: We need a component that is able to display PDF forms and let the
user fill out the forms. Then we need to access the field values. We
have evaluated you library and have seen that this works fine.

But we also need support for some kind of scripting in the PDF forms
to calculate values while the user fills out the form. Acrobat for
example supports JavaScript to do this, but does not allow to access
the field values from C#. Is your library able to handle this? There
is no need for JavaScript, other scripting languages are ok as long as
they are well-known and accepted.
A: You can use PDFViewCtrl to let user interactively fill-in a PDF
form. Subsequently (e.g. after selecting Menu > Submit/Calicalate or
similar function in your application) you can access form fields
values as shown in InteractiveForms sample project (using

Using PDFNet you are not forced to use JavaScript. The form logic can
be implemented using any supported language (C#, VB.NET, JAVA, C/C++,