How do I build a new DLL module using PDFNet SDK for C/C++?


Do you have any examples of how to build a DLL module using PDFNet SDK
for C/C++?

The following is a sample project that shows how to build a stand-
alone DLL using PDFNet SDK for C++:

The sample illustrates one way of configuring a DLL project and
exporting custom methods.

To build the DLL, simply extract the archive under 'PDFNet/Samples'
and build the solution.

In this small example, the DLL exports only a single custom function
('MyFunct1') which can be accessed from any programming language.

If you main application is being developed in C/C++, you would include
"test.h" in the file that references MyFunct1. Also you would link
with 'test.lib' and would include 'test.dll' in the same folder where
your application executable is located.