How do I convert a PDF to BMP using PDFNet?

Q: we are maintaining an old application written in MFC/C++ version 6.
We now need to be able to open a PDF file and save it as BMP for later
A: You can implement this requirement using PDFNet SDK for C/C++
( As a starting point you may want to take
a look at PDFDraw sample project (
samplecode.html#PDFDraw). Converting a PDF page to BMP is as simple as
the following snippet:

... Init PDFNet ...
PDFDraw draw; // PDFDraw class is used to rasterize PDF pages.
PDFDoc doc("in.pdf");
draw.SetDPI(92); // Or draw.SetImageSize(w, h);
draw.Export(doc.GetPage(1), "out.bmp", "BMP");

Alternatively you can render a PDF page to a GDI+ Bitmap to a memory
buffer, which you can then save to a BMP (or another format) on your