How do I convert colorants from the 'Separation' color space to associated CMYK color space?

Q: I am trying to develop an app that will evaluate all the
colorspaces in a pdf
file. My input files have separation colors in them. So far, I can
determine that the colorspace is separation and also the alternate
colorspace, which is usually DeviceCMYK. I want to be able to read
the CMYK values of this
separation, say at 100 percent, just to get an understanding of the
color. Is
there a way to do this? Obviously when I encounter a standard
colorspace I can use the ColorPT.Get(0), ColorPT.Get(1), etc... to
return the
A: You could use ColorSpace.Convert2CMYK() method to convert colorant
in the separation color space to CMYK. The conversion will performed
through the associated 'Alternate' color space.

// Assuming that element is a filled path... and C#...
GState gs = element.GetGState();
ColorSpace cs = element.GetFillColorSpace()
if (cs.GetType() != ColorSpace.Type.e_pattern) {
   ColorPt cmyk = new ColorPt();
   cs.Convert2CMYK(gs.GetFillColor(), cmyk);
   double c = cmyk.Get(0);
   double m = cmyk.Get(1);
   double y = cmyk.Get(2);
   double k = cmyk.Get(3);