How do I convert HTML, Word, Excel, XPS, RTF to PDF using PDFNet SDK ?

Q: I am currently working on an .Net 2005 web application in
C# and looking for an API to give my users the ability to convert
multiple file types to pdf’s. Typical file types include word, excel,
text, and outlook message formats.

The users require the ability not only to convert these file types but
also limit save and print capabilities as well as have the ability to
edit existing pdf’s. My primary question would be whether or not this
SDK can provide these capabilities?
A: You can use 'pdftron.PDF.Convert' API to convert any printable
document to PDF, XPS, SVG, or EMF.
Some file formats such as XPS and EMF are supported directly whereas
others (such as html, word, excel, text, and outlook message formats)
are converted via a virtual print driver.

As a starting point for you project you may want to take a look at
Convert sample project:

To secure or set permissions on the resulting PDF documents you can
set a security handler on the resulting document (e.g. along the lines
of EncTest sample project -