How do I convert PDF pages to EMF / WMF?

Q: How do I convert PDF to EMF / WMF?
A: You can convert PDF pages to EMF/WMF using GDI+ rasterizer in

- As a first step create a PDFDraw class (e.g. as show in PDFDraw
sample project -

- Call pdfdraw.SetRasterizerType( PDFRasterizer.Type.e_GDIPlus) to
select GDI+ as the current rasterizer.

- Call pdfdraw.DrawInRect(page, dc, ...) using meta-file device

If you are developing under .NET, you can pass in the Graphics
Metafile object (for an example of how to create metafile device
context, please see

If you are developing using C/C++ you can create the metafile device
contexts as described in MSDN (using GDI - , or GDI
+ -