How do I convert PDF to bitmap and extract the position for links and other elements?

Q: Can I convert a PDF to an image at a given resolution, and also get
the exact position (bounding box) of an element in the resulting
converted image coordinate space?

Example: we need to display the PDF page as a bitmap image, but we
want to retain the hyperlinks and display them in a custom way.

So we convert the PDF to a BMP, and through some SDK funciotn, we get
which sub-areas (bounding boxes) of the BMP are an hyperlink.

I know this is very specific, but we need that particular feature.
A: You can convert PDF to image (BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, etc) using
PDFDraw class as shown in PDFDraw sample project (http://

In case you need an interactive viewer you could use
‘pdftron.PDF.PDFViewCtrl’ (or more low-level PDFView) as shown in
PDFViewSimple and PDFView samples (

To extract hyperlink positions/destinations/URLs you would use
annotations API (as shown in Annotation sample project -

In case you need to extract the positions of graphical elements which
are part of the page content stream (e.g. text, glyphs, images) you
could use ElementReader (as shown in ElementReader and
ElementReaderAdv samples).