How do I convert PDF to HTML using PDFNet SDK?

Q: I would like to use PDFTron PDFNet SDK to render a PDF to HTML (or convert PDF to HTML).

Can you point me in the right direction?

A: There are couple of potential solutions:

a) You could use PDFNet SDK to convert PDF to HTML as shown in PDF 2 HTML sample project:

This sample is included as part of PDFNet for .NET, however the same approach would work with any other PDFNet binding (i.e. Java, C/C++, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc.). The sample comes with full source, so you can port the sample or extend it for a more complex conversion.

b) PDFTron is in the process of wrapping-up HTML5 front-end viewer for SilverDox ( Just like the existing Silverlight viewer (, HTML5 viewer will work with cached or streamed PDF previews (i.e. XOD-s) and will work in HTML5 Canvas capable browsers without need for any plug-ins. For more info, please contact info at