How do I convert text to Outlines?

Q: How do I convert text to Outlines/Paths?
I want to create text as vector/path elements instead of adding font
information in the pdf.
A: If you are developing under Windows, you can obtain glyph outlines
using GDI/GDI+ API. This information can be used to create new paths
using pdftron.PDF.ElementBuilder class.

If you want to convert existing PDF text to paths, you can obtain
vector outlines for any character using font.GetGlyphPaths
(charcode, ....) [in pdftron.PDF.Font class]. You could also embed a
temporary font in PDF (using pdftron.PDF.Font.Create…) and then use
font.GetGlyphPaths() to obtain glyph outlines (in this case the
resulting PDF will not contain any new fonts).