How do I create a PDF form (AcroForm) from a static PDF template?


I have a PDF document that I want to convert into a template for an
interactive form. I have a pdf template of what the form will look
like...I need to make the fields interactive so that that I can populate
via C# and XML. Do I have to create the form from scratch or can I
pull in the form template that I have and make the fields
interactive....which would be the least labor-intensive? I'm confused
as to which approach to take

A: Do you need to create form fields interactively or will manual form
creation suffice? Typically AcroForms are created using Acrobat Pro
(or some other desktop software) which you can use to manually place
form fields at specific locations of the page.

Using PDFNet you can implement this type of interactive manipulation
on top of PDFView class (of course, this would not make sense if you
want to create a new application and not if you only need to create a
few forms). In case you need to programmatically create form fields,
you can use pdfdoc.FieldCreate(...) as shown in InteractiveForms
sample project.