How do I create a text run with Unicode characters?

Q: How do I write Unicode text ( eg. character 165 - round bullet
obtained through CharIterator Char code - as in ElementReaderAdv) as
a new element ?

I have tried the following (in JAVA)
String buffer="";
buffer = buffer + new String(fnt.mapToUnicode(char_code)); // concat
character to buffer eb = new ElementBuilder();
eb.reset(element.getGState()); elem = eb.createUnicodeTextRun(buffer);

It is not showing the bullet in the created pdf.
A: If you are using createUnicodeTextRun you need to use a “CID” font
(i.e. a font created using Font::CreateCIDTrueTypeFont() or similar).
Also, please keep in mind that the font must contain the glyph for a
given character (if the font is missing the glyph or a proper cmap
entry) the glyph may appear as ‘notdef’ character or as space.