How do I cut a part of one PDF page and a part of another page and combine them into one PDF page?

Q: I have two questions.

1. Is there ways to cut the left half of pdf file page and cut the
right half of another pdf file page and combine the two different pdf
file pages into one pdf file?

2. The code below I used in an application that uses PDFNet, however
I'd like to change the color but I don't know how.
Could you please tell me how to change the color?
      ColorPt txt_color = new ColorPt(252 / 255.0, 210 / 255.0, 193 /
For example of how to combine/place two or more PDF pages on a single
page please take a look at Imposition sample project:

Re: 2 You may want to modify RGB values

double red = 255/255.0; // [0..1]
double green = 0/255.0; // [0..1]
double blue = 0/255.0; // [0..1]
ColorPt txt_color = new ColorPt(red, green, blue);