How do I deal with 'DPI parameter is too large' when converting PDF to Image?

Q: I am using 'pdftron.PDF.PDFDraw' to convert to PDF to bitmaps.

On one file I get the following error:

Exception Message: DPI parameter is too large. Consider using tiled rasterizer instead.

from pdftron.PDF.PDFDraw.GetBitmap(page As Page)

Any idea what is wrong?

A: The problem here is that you are running out of memory (most likely
because the physical dimensions of the page are large - i.e.
page.GetMediaBox()). You could go around it either by:

a) Using pdfdraw.SetImageSize(...) instead of pdfdraw.SetDPI(...).
b) Decreasing the DPI (in pdfdraw.SetDPI()).
c) Using 64-bit version of PDFNet, which does not have 2GB RAM
restriction of a 32-bit processes.
d) Rendering the large page in stripes, instead of in the single shot.