How do I decrease the file size when converting from MS Office to PDF?

Q: We would like use PDFTron component in our project for convert docx
file to pdf. We are getting a very large file , 19mb, after uploading
a small file of size 1.7MB. How to reduce the size. We will are
impressed with speed and quality of the product the only defect is the
output file size when cpnverting docx files (we are running on Windows
A: There was an issue in the last build of PDFNet SDK (http:// where certain resources were replicated on
each page resulting with larger file size during MS Office to PDF
conversion. This issue was resolved and the output file size should be
around 2.35 MB instead 19 MB.

We have updated PDFNet for .NET 1-3.5 (32-bit) and you can download a
new version using the following link:

In case you need a JAVA/C++/C or a different version of .NET
component, please let us know and we can provide you with an updated