How do I define apperance streams for a widget?

Q: Does PDFNet allow any easy way to define apperance streams for a
widget. I want to replace selected text in a PDF with a widget
annotation with the text and font, size, colorspace and other
characteristics being maintained in the widget.

Also, does PDFNet SDK have a linux version ?
A: Using PDFNet it is easy to define custom appearances for widgets.
Instead of calling field.RefreshAppearance() you can obtain the widget
annotation (e.g. though PDF.Page object or as "new
Annot(field.GetSDFObj())"). To set the new appearance, use
annot.SetAppearance(..) method. For concrete examples of how to create
annotation appearances, you may want to search for "SetAppearance" in
this forum.

Does PDFNet SDK have a linux version

Yes, PDFNet SDK is also available on Linux (
PDFNetC.tar.gz), Mac, and mobile/embedded platforms (we also support
Solaris, HPUX, AIX and other platforms through custom builds).