How do I embed a job ticket (JDF) in a PDF file?

Q: Is there a method or feature available in PDFTron SDK to embed a
job ticket in a PDF file?

Job ticket in this case is not Adobe JDF Job Definition. It is a
Xerox docutect compatible script that includes printing instructions.

As you know post script allow embedding job ticket and it looks
like the following:
%XRXbegin: 850.0200
%XRXPDLformat: PS
%XRXtitle: Volume-1
%XRXsourceFile: UNIX: /var/spool/
%XRXsendername: dmadmin
%XRXdisposition: Print
A: JDF ( can be
stored in PDF as an embedded XML stream. You can embed or replace an
existing JDF stream as follows:

// Using C# - Add XMP metadata to document catalog.
StdFile file = new StdFile("myjob.jdf",
FilterReader reader = new FilterReader(file);
Obj stm = pdfdoc.CreateIndirectStream(reader);
// Add optional keywords ...
stm.PutName("Subtype", "JDF");

// Reference JDF stream somewhere within PDF document structure, as
// For example…
pdfdoc.GetRoot().Put("JobTicket", stm);

It is also possible to embed a JDF data from a memory buffer.

Besides JDF, you could also store job ticket data in PDF using PJTF
(Portable Job Ticket Format). You can use PDFNet's SDF API to read,
write, and edit embedded (or stand-alone) PJTF. Although manipulating
PJTF using PDFNet is much simpler than having to deal with XML, it
seems that industry is slowly moving towards JDF workflows.