How do I embed a PDF page within another PDF page (and rotate it and scale it)?


Does PDFTron have the ability to embed a PDF page within a PDF page
(and rotate it and scale it)?

You can place a PDF page on another PDF page (and apply arbitrary
affine transform such as rotation and scaling) by creating form
XObject from the page and then writing the form element on the target
page. For example:

Element element = builder.CreateForm(source_page, new_doc);
double sc_x = mid_point / src_page.GetPageWidth();
double sc_y = media_box.Height() / src_page.GetPageHeight();
double scale = Math.Min(sc_x, sc_y);
element.GetGState().SetTransform(scale, 0, 0, scale, 0, 0);

// Write the new element to the target page

For the full sample code please refer to Imposition sample project: