How do I embed in the PDF the information that Acrobat will use to open the PDF at a specified page?


I need to embed in the PDF information that Acrobat will use to open
the document at a specified page. This happens in Acrobat 8 when you
visit a page in the document and then close. Next time you open, the
document opens to the last page visited.
How do I do exactly that with PDFTron?

If you would like that a PDF Viewer (such as Acrobat) opens PDF
document at a specific page you can use pdfdoc.SetOpenAction(). For

Action goto_page_3 =
Action.CreateGoto(Destination.CreateFitH(dest_page, 0));

Alternatively you can use:

Destination dest = Destination.CreateFit(dest_page);

In case you would like that PDFNet PDF viewer 'remembers' the last
page after re-opening the document (without editing the document), you
would need to save specific information to Windows registry or your
application configuration file and then restore those values when the
document is reopened.

In case you need to open a PDF link (a URL hypelink) in a browser
window at a specific location you may want to search for "How do I
open a PDF link" in PDFNet SDK Knowledge Base (http:// This functionality is not
directly supported by PDF specification and Acrobat has no direct
support for it.