How do I enable my Silverlight C# web application to display PDF files?

Q: I just downloaded PDFNet SDK for .NET 4.0. I am having some difficulty understanding how I would reference the .NET Control to enable my Silverlight C# web application to display PDF files. I have looked at your samples and searched your Knowledge Base but I have been unable to find any specific examples on how to get started.

Any assistance you can provide me in getting an evaluation of your product up and running would be greatly appreciated.

I am using VS 2010 on Windows 7 with .NET 4.0. My browser version is IE 9.

A: In order to display documents Silverlight/web browsers, you will need to our SilverDox SDK ( as part of your Silverlight client. In this case PDFNet could be used on the server side to stream or convert PDF and other doc formats to XOD (as shown in SilverDoxStreaming sample). To get you started, check out our sample code and demos here: and The sample code in this package: contains Visual Studio solutions which you can deploy to your test environment.

Note that you can still display documents with PDFNet SDK, but these are intended for desktop applications (e.g. WPF, WinForms, etc).