How do I get a page number from a PDF page point in PDFView class?

Q: The PDFview control can give us the page from the screenpoint
using the GetPageFromScreenPoint method. Does it expose any methods
that have the ability to give us the page number based on a page
point? We are having difficulty trying to determine the page number
based off a page point.
A: PDF page/user coordinate system is not bounded by page dimensions,
so it is not possible to obtain a page number from a page point (all
page points belong to the same page). Instead you can track the
current page number (e.g. using pdfview.Get/SetCurrentPage() or your
own mechanism).

If you need a device independent way to track points that will allow
you to relate points to pages, you may want to use 'canvas coordinate
system' instead of PDF page/user coordinate system. Canvas coordinate
system in PDFView class corresponds to a canvas that surrounds all
pages within a PDFView page layout. Similar to PDF page coordinate
system this coordinate system is device independent and is using
points as units. In PDFView class there are utility methods
(pdfview.Conv...) that can be used to convert points back and forth
between canvas, screen, and page coordinates.