How do I get a position of a text string on the page?

Q: I am attempting to decode some text strings within the PDF and am
having trouble getting what I require. I am looking to get the
position of the string of text and the text that is to be positioned
at that location.

The sample code below is taken from one of the examples you have
supplied with the library. In the example, you are getting one
character at a time and finding it's x,y location. This is fine for
each character, but I am interested in finding out locations of
strings and substrings not each character. What is the proper way to
handle this?

You may want to use element.GetBBox(rect).

Another option is to use TextExtractor class (which is available in
PDFNet v.3.9 and above) as illustrated in the updated TextExtract
sample project:

To obtain positioning information on a character by character basis
you can use the approach illustrated in the ElementReaderAdv sample
project. For more info, please see
and search this KB for "CharIterator" or similar keywords.