How do I get and set the value for e_Launch Action type?

Q: I want to get and set the value for e_Launch Action type. What are
the properies supported by Launch Action type?

Can you please send me small sample or give me hint about this?
A: The definite resource on this topic is PDF Reference Manual (http://

Section '8.5.3' covers different Action Types including Launch Action:

"A launch action launches an application or opens or prints a
The optional Win, Mac, and Unix entries allow the action dictionary
to include platform-specific parameters for launching the designated
application. If no such entry is present for the given platform, the
F entry is used instead."

Based on this you can obtain a File specification entry as follows:

if (action.GetType() == Action.Type.e_Launch) {
  Obj action_dict = action.GetSDFObj();
  Obj fs_dict = action_dict.FindObj("F");
  if (fs_dict != null) {
     FileSpec fs = new FileSpec(fs_dict);
     fs.GetFilePath(); ...
  // else try platform-specific launch parameters?...

... the code is similar to Action handler for e_GotoR action type.