How do I get CMYK values for a given spot (e_separation) color?


I’m trying to get the percentages for a spot color from a PDF.

I’ve already read all the discussion in the KB but I haven’t found the answer.

I’ve also tried the method:

Gstate.getColor().get(0)… and 1, 2 ,3 in order to get the color but it returns me the amount of that spot color, not the real percentages.

For example:

PANTONE_FFF (81C, 56M, 54Y, 100K): Gstate.getColor().get(0) returns me 1 because the pantone is full but… how could I retrieve the 81, 56, 54 and 100 percentages of the spot color?


You would need to convert the spot color to CMYK.

You can do this via pdftron.PDF.ColorSpace. For example: