How do I get correct locations for PDF annotations?

Q: In working with annotations I've come across a few PDF's that have
annotations with "bad" x & y coordinates. Here is an example of what
I'm seeing:

1. I've got a one page PDF and there is a single annotation (e_Text)
on it.
2. When I get the Rect for this annotation the x & y locations are not
the exact locations of the actual annotation. The coordinates are
actually about two inches to the left of the annotation.

This is causing an issue for me since I've written an application to
"point" to the annotation and display the text from that annotation.
Adobe Professional has a feature within that does something similar to
what I'm doing where they point to the annotation and when I use
Professional to manually print it, that works just fine. It can find
the true location of the annotation.

Have you run into this before? Besides getting the Rect of the
annotation is there any other way to get the location of the

You should know that this issue I'm running into is valid on ~7% of
the 60 PDF's I'm testing on. Any help you can provide would be much
appreciated. If you need any additional info on this please let me
A: Annotations bbox is represented in PDF User coordinate system
(i.e. in unrotated and uncropped page). To get the location relative
to the origin of the 'visible' page you should subtract the origin of
the crop box from the annotation coordinates. For example

Rect crop = page.GetCropBox();
Rect annot_rect = annot.GetRect();
annot_rect.x1 -= crop.x1; annot_rect.y1 -= crop.y1;
annot_rect.x2 -= crop.x1; annot_rect.y2 -= crop.y1;