How do I get 'Destination' paramaters so I can differentiate between 'Inherit Zoom', 'Actual Size', etc.


When i get the Fit Type using
   i get e_XYZ for both Inherit Zoom and Actual Size.
   How to differentiate between Inherit Zoom and Actual Size.


You can obtain all destination parameters as follows (for details,
please refer to Section 8.2.1 'Explicit Destinations' in PDF

Destination dest = ...
Obj dest_arr = dest.GetExplicitDestObj();
string fit_type = dest_arr.GetAt(1).GetName();
if (fit_type == "XYZ") {
   // dest_arr.Size() should return 5.
   // Now get the vertical coordinate 'top'
   double left = dest_arr.GetAt(2).GetNumber();
   double top = dest_arr.GetAt(3).GetNumber();
   double zoom = dest_arr.GetAt(4).GetNumber();
else if (fit_type == ...)
   // See section 8.2.1 'Destinations/Explicit Destinations'
   // (Table 8.2) in PDF Reference for other destination 'fit' types.

Hi, I saw this post and I have the similar question. You mentioned there is “Section 8.2.1 ‘Explicit Destinations’ in PDF
Reference”. Where can I download this PDF Reference?

See here: