How do I get form field annotations to print?

Q: The pdf outputs from your sample project InteractiveFormsTest
( shows
text in text boxes and check in check boxes when opened with Adobe
Reader 9.0. When printing however, the text and checks are not
printed and the page is blank. How do I get the text and checks to
A: If you would like that the annotation is printable you can set the
appropriate flag. For example:

// C++
Field f = doc.FieldCreate("", Field::e_text,
Annot a = Widget::Create(doc, Rect(50, 550, 350, 600), f);
a.SetFlag(Annot::e_print, true);

// C#
Field f = doc.FieldCreate("", Field.Type.e_text,
Annot a = pdftron.PDF.Annots.Widget.Create(doc, Rect(50, 550, 350,
600), f);
a.SetFlag(Annot.Type.e_print, true);

That worked, thanks. It is Annot.Flag.e_print instead of
Annot.Type.e_print though.