How do I get rid of page flicker due to progressive rendering?


Thanks for providing this nice package for including pdf reading/
generating/converting facilities to different programming languages. I
tried your sample code for viewing pdf files and I noticed that
sometimes when I grab the scroll handles and drag them up/down left/
right the content of the pdf file temporarly disappears untill I
release the handle. Is there a way to disable this effect?


The problem is most likely related to 'progressive rendering'. By
default, PDFNet SDK displays PDF pages as they are drawn. When PDF
pages are complex this feature is very useful because it gives initial
feedback to the user. The disadvantage of progressive rendering is
that it may cause slight flicker on some PDF documents during
scrolling operations.

You can disable progressive rendering using
pdfview.SetProgressiveRendering(false) (you may want to uncomment this
line in 'PDFViewForm.cs' which is part of PDFView C#/VB.NET sample