How do I get text element's height/position when writing to a PDF page using Element/BuilderWriter?

I am trying to figure out how to calculate the height it will take to draw a text in a given width.

I am looking at!topic/pdfnet-sdk/XvjFvy-g3K4/discussion, which is creating new lines to accommodate the text. How do I find out how much height it needs to add the text?

To clarify, I am implementing a table with rows and columns. One of the columns is a multi text.

I need to draw the next row based on the max Height it took in the previous row(one of the columns is multi text). So how do I get the current x,y as I am writing?


Based on your requirements it seems that you can simply use element.GetBBox() to find the positioning of a given text run/line on the page.

Please note that you can obtain this positioning info before you place the element on the page (using ElementWrite()), so you can decide to place text on another location (e.g. by adjusting the text matrix) etc.