How do I hide and customize toolbar in a PDF viewer?

Q: Is there a was to hide toolbar in a PDF viewer (such as Acrobat
Reader). If so after hiding that toolbar we need to come with a new
toolbar that have only some thing like save, download and print
enabled and everything should be disabled.

We want the pdf document with toolbar to enable print, download, save.
Everything else should be disabled.
A: You can specify a ‘hint’ to a PDF reader to hide the toolbar using
PDFDocViewPrefs class. For example:

For example:

PDFDocViewPrefs pref = doc.GetViewPrefs();

Unfortunately there is no way to control visibility of individual
buttons or toolbars through PDF format itself. If you need this type
of customization you would need to implement a custom PDF viewer using
'pdftron.PDF.PDFViewCtrl'. This way you would have full control over
the look and feel of your application that would not depend on

I used the following code to hide PDF tool bar and its working.

PDFDocViewPrefs pref = doc1.GetViewPrefs(); pref.SetPref
(PDFDocViewPrefs.ViewerPref.e_HideToolbar, true);