How do I hide/disable built-in scrollbars and navigation toolbars in PDFViewCtrl?

Q: I am trying to add interactive PDF forms to our application, and I
want to know how I can do the following:
1) Hide the scrollbars in PDFViewCtrl, so that we can use our own
2) Hide the Pane on the left so that the PDF document is displayed in
the full window (just like PDFView). I tried using SetEnabledPanels
(). However, it hides all the panes, but it still uses the screen
3) If 1 and 2 cannot be done. I will have to use PDFView. I do not
see any classes that will help me with interactive forms (like showing
the combo box, edit box, etc.) Do you have any sample codes.
A: Using the current (v.4.8) version of PDFNet you can call
pdfviewctrl.EnableScrollbar(false) to disable the built-in scroll-

To disable the built-in navigation toolbar and panels use
pdfviewctrl.ShowNavToolbar(false) and pdfviewctrl. ShowNavPanel

Q: How to select text (with C++ / MFC), just like Acrabat?
I am thinking about doing the following...
1) Derive a new class from CRectTracker.
2) Override OnChangedRect().
3) Call PDFView:SelectByRect() in OnChangedRect().
Am I going in the right direction?
A: You can definitely create a custom tool and use SelectByRect or
StructSelect(). Before going down this route, did you try using a
built-in text selection tool? This is shown in PDFViewSimple sample
project (in the latest version of PDFNet SDK). By using the built-in
tool, you will not need to do much programming on your end.