How do I highlight PDF using Adobe's XML highlight format?

Q: We are indexing our PDF repositiories using a thrid party search
For search results, the engine generates XML highlight file that uses
character offsets to select text within a PDF page.

We would like to:

a) Generate a new PDF with text highlights
b) Generate PNG/JPEG thumbnail images with text highlights
A: Starting with v.4.5 PDFNet supports Adobe's XML highlight format.

To add higlights to an exisiting PDF document simply call
doc.AddHighlights(higlight) where 'higlight' argument can be either a
path to a locally stored file or a string buffer containing actual
'XML' data.

PDFDoc doc = ...

To generate PNG/JPEG thumbnail images with text highlights use PDFDraw
class (as shown in PDFDraw sample project -
to render pages after calling AddHighlights().