How do I make an annotation to be printable?

Q: Using PDFNet I create different types of annotations (e.g.
signature fields etc). Now if I print the PDF file the annotations
(signature fields) are not printed.

What can be done so that annotations are printed together with other
page content?
A: For an annotation to be printable, you need to set
Annot.Flag.e_print to true:

annot.SetFlag(Annot.Flag.e_print, true);

- If e_print is set, print the annotation when the page is printed. If
clear, never print the annotation, regardless of whether it is
displayed on the screen. This can be useful, for example, for
annotations representing interactive pushbuttons, which would serve no
meaningful purpose on the printed page.

You may also want to make sure that other flags are set properly. For
the description of other annotation flags, please see: