How do I obtain image dimensions and positioning details?

Q: We are trying to get the image dimensions and position details in a
pdf file. We are using GetCTM()’s m_h and m_v (we have seen this in
your FAQ forum ) property
to get the x and y position of, but unfortunately the x value is
obtained properly but the y value differs from the actual postion.
Thanks in advance for your valuable support.
A: What are the values that you get, and what are expected values?

Don't forget that the origin of image coordinate system in PDF is in
the lower-left corner of the image (or a page). If there is some image
rotation in the transform, things can get a bit confusing - unless you
are familiar with affine transforms. In this case you can obtain the
bounding box for the image using element.GetBBox(rect) method. For

Rect r = new Rect();