How do I optimize viewing perfomance for inefficient PDFs (e.g. containing thousands of segments for each glyph)?


I encountered a PDF that is taking a very long time to load. The
delay seems to be mainly coming from the "text" (appears to be a bunch
of dots). Acrobat and the PDFView sample program both encounter a
slow-down when rendering the text, but PDFView seems to be slower. Is
there a way to optimize the rendering of this type of PDF?

The slowdown stems from text that is represented very inefficiently
(using thousands of line segments and rectangles to represent pixels
of each character. Unfortunately we can do a little to speed up the
build-in rasterizer (where all rendering is done in software), however
if you switch to GDI+ rasterizer (in PDFView sample project select
'Menu > Options > Built-In Rasterizer') you will notice significant
performance improvement (similar or better than Acrobat).