How do I overly dynamic data on an existing PDF template?

Q: Aside from the PDF Splitting functionality, we are also looking for
a tool that would enable us to overlay data or a non-graphic PDF onto
a PDF Graphic template. For example, we have a PDF template of a
Statement without the data (i.e. it contains the graphics and the
marketing) and is the same for every statement to be produced. We
also have a data file or a PDF file of statement pages that is purely
data. We need to be able to present a PDF of the marketing with the
data. Can you help us?

A: You can use PDFNet to add overlay data to existing PDF documents.
The general idea is to use ElementBuilder & ElementWriter as described
in -> "How do I stamp a page? ".
For very simple stamping operations you can also use
'pdftron.PDF.Stamper' utility class, as shown in 'PDFNet/Samples/

In case you would like to overly two PDF pages together you can use
the approach illustrated in ImpositionTest sample (http://

You can also use .NET framework API to generate dynamic content (e.g.
using XAML, FixedDocument, FlowDocument, Canvas, etc), then convert
the content to a PDF page (as shown in XamlToPdf sample - If required
you can also merge Xaml content to a background PDF page (using a
procedure similar to ImpositionTest).