How do I place an image and get coordinates of existing images?

Q: How do I place an image on the page and how can I obtain positioning
of the existing image?

A: To place the image on the page you need to set the transformation
matrix (similar to text). For example,

System.Drawing.Bitmap bmp = new System.Drawing.Bitmap("pdfnet.gif");

// Create PDF Image
Image img = Image.Create(doc, bmp);

// Create a graphical Element on the page from the Image.
Element element = f.CreateImage(img, new Matrix2D(bmp.Width, 0, 0,
bmp.Height, 50, 350)); writer.WritePlacedElement(element);

The lower-left coordinate of the image rectangle is specified in the
last two parameters of Matrix2D class. The first parameter 'bmp.Width'
represents the horizontal scaling and the fourth parameter 'bmp.Height'
represents the vertical scaling (i.e. the image height as it appears on
the page).

For more samples please take a look at AddImage sample project:

To find positioning information for any existing image/text/path
element, you could use element.GetBBox() method. Alternatively you can
infer the positioning information from the current transformation
matrix (CTM) as described in the following FAQ entry: